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“dubbed” it? Actually, he’s investing into Dogecoin doge HODL to the moon crypto meme shirt it and therefore the price rises. So, all Musk has to do is invest a ton of money in something and then say that it’s a great investment and sell after the price skyrockets. Hey ‘Musky, if you wouldn’t mind speculating the price of Beanie Babies up a bit,
my mom would sure appreciate it. But Elon said he’s going off Twitter for a while after that bitcoin tweet, He just needs to tell one of his friends”watch my next tweet” and boom millions have been made without any real added value. Real people work from 9 to 5 to sponsor these shenanigans. It’s dangerous.

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Dogecoin doge HODL to the moon crypto meme hoodie
Dogecoin doge HODL to the moon crypto meme laides-tee
Dogecoin doge HODL to the moon crypto meme v-neck t-shirt
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Social media addiction is real people! The coin that moves by tweeting is a rubbish coin. Good luck to gamblers now wait for 70% sell offLook, it’s not exactly a joke currency when it’s starting to make people with a lot of doges, a lot of money . It may not be the next Bitcoin (Dogecoin), but it is making us money now so I say Doge to the moon. This is ludicrous. Asset prices are jumping too much up and down based on random tweets.
Whilst speculative herd mentality and impulsive buying/selling behavior were always there, lately, frequency and the resulting impact on price swings have madly increased.
Some form of regulation must be introduced to safeguard the financial interests of modest retail investors who might get carried away by such speculative, unhinged rides. ’d pay with a coin that had a doggo on it. More loyal and worthy of praise than any person on our current federally controlled currency.

Terrible journalism..Dogecoin doge HODL meme shirt unlimited supply, currently 127bn the vast majority of which are owned by huge ASIC mining farms that can pump and dump the price whenever they want, plus its only half of what it was last week? Cryptocurrencies are of minuscule benefit compared to their insane environmental impact. Bitcoin uses more electricity than Switzerland! If someone could just text me the next time there’s basically the chance to make thousands for nothing, that would be great thanks. Haters gonna hate, I got some, what’s a couple of hundred dollars? I’ll blow that at the bar or casino easily in a night. If it blows up like another crypto I’ll probably OD from the massive amounts of Cocaine I’d be doing.

He just likes to do this every once in a while to flex his cult-like status among his followers. Remember he has had his hands slapped by SEC for tweets before. All cryptocurrency has NO real value it’s all hype and it will all end in tears very soon. For those who have made a fortune of others stupidly fair play, it’s just the way the Dogecoin world works. Anyone who thinks this stuff will stand the test of time and become a staple of the investment world is seriously deluding themselves.BBC
“Best of luck to all who try to ride those waves”  Warren Buffett So it’s market manipulation when a Dogecoin bunch of regular people ruins hedge fund scams but it’s not when an inexplicably influential billionaire can say three words and cause stocks to soar. Creating controversies/blasphemy is a very serious crime.
He should compensate all the losses to investors(if any).

Being the richest person does not mean he has the authority to cheat peoples through “PUMP & DUMP” tricks.
A similar thing happened last night with another bitcoin
Knowledge came too late, a Dogecoin lot of people lost coin, must make these guys feel good to Dogecoin put the news out after the event. Hope their making millions on top of their billions while the poor man trusts
Doge numbers are manipulated 33.33 33.66 etc


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