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Wish this ‘Christmas could be canceled’ would stop. So it may be different but we just have to Donald Trump Christmas Trumper shirt make the best of this situation and enjoy it and make it special with those we can. Plenty of people spend Christmas alone or don’t want to celebrate it for many reasons. The only thing I want for Christmas is my friends and family and that’s something you can not buy. I’d really wish the news would stop reporting things like this.  Christmas is a time for thinking of others and creating memories. I think anyone who doesn’t expect Christmas to be a little different this year, and hasn’t prepared themselves for this, is living in cloud cuckoo land! Just like those who thought that this was over, just because things were relaxed in summer! Tbh Christmas is a time for families to come together and I’d say most people will have their traditions. For God so loved the world He gave His only Son.

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There is no way the Donald Trump Christmas Trumper shirt government is going to be able to find everyone on Christmas Day, are they? I just wish there was a better use of the language. We’ve worked out how to do togetherness at a distance these last 6 months. I would much prefer a different Christmas this time around if it increases the chances of a full, typical Christmas next year.

Christmas will not be canceled – it is happening. Christmas in the U.K. when high Street retail dies forever. If things don’t change regarding stupid one way systems and store limitations regarding customers, there will be no retail high Street store come the new year! Nothing can ‘cancel Christmas’! Please stop peddling this sort of headline! Yes, it will be massively different, with no big parties, communal carols, or pantos, but Christmas is about love, peace, and togetherness.

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