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Let’s look at china. A virus is sent around the Donald Trump game stonk shirt world. The cover-ups.  I wonder why that is. Putin must be pissed off that Biden has been giving all of his attention to the CCP while Hillary at least had a ‘working’ arrangement with him! Distraction from the fact that Biden, as he told everybody in America, nothing will change. There is nothing else that the US can really do again to harm Russia since there are no really existing relationships between both nations anymore. No one can forget what a Putin pet Trump was in Helsinki.Controlled opposition. If you still think these two are on different sides. You deserve a lollipop and a pat on the head. He’ll eat weak Biden for lunch. Putin likely laughed when he got off the phone and now knows he can invade a couple of neighbors. Take back soviet territory and Biden will do nothing. Maybe a few sanctions.

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The Donald Trump game stonk shirt the US will never live that down. Trump was a beaten man while Putin smirked. He owned Trump. Unlike Trump who got played by Russia (election tampering, security breaches), Red China (economy, technology), and North Korea (nuclear advancements, security breaches). Trump tried to run the US like one of his businesses and just like that, ran it into the ground as well…

I’m going to regret this, but let’s read the comments to see how Republicans will twist their brains in knots to hate this. Putin honey, you may have to answer a few questions despite the Vatican’s trust in you to be a leader over the 40 nations at the G20. Honesty is the best policy hon.


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