Donald Trump I will defend my liberty shirt



George Cumming Has a deep state got total control of Donald Trump I will defend my liberty shirt world? When we need great leadership in recent tough times, who rises to the top? Cameron, May, Killary, Biden, Trump, Johnson, Trudeau, the Bush boys, and god love him, wee Bernie Sanders. Where have all the great leaders gone? The statesmen, the warriors, the nation savers, and Ronald Reagan? Carlitos Perez, I’m an American. I believe Trump is a clown, and that Biden is a fool. Both parties represent the billionaire class. I’m done with crony capitalism. I’ll be voting Green Party instead. Coralie Mattys Jeez. The Republicans have a dangerous narcissist in the running and the best the Democrats could come up with is Biden? What hope is there of ridding the world of trumpinchargeofamerica? Megan Janak Both these candidates are terrible is this all there is to choose from, God helps the American people no matter who wins.

Donald Trump, I will defend my liberty shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Donald Trump I will defend my liberty  shirt
Donald Trump I will defend my liberty  shirt
Donald Trump I will defend my liberty t-shirt
Donald Trump I will defend my liberty  shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Biden could have said it better, but Donald Trump I will defend my liberty shirt message remains true. I would accept that Black, Hispanic, Native American, and other ethnic minorities in America, would show poor judgment to vote for Trump. Joe, think before you speak, and do not lose the anti-Trump vote. Hans-Henrik T Ohlsen He has a point in that it’s in almost nobody’s interest to vote for Trump – so far Billionaires are the only people who benefit from the “financial rape” of the US by letting tax breaks for the ultra-rich come from a continued borrowing and increase of the foreign debt. But must vote for another white guy? It is the same nd better to vote Trump BCS at least they know how he feels about them not a lukewarm white man who grins instead of smiling when he sees s black man!!!


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