Donald Trump Juneteenth shirt


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Giulio De Le Pew Perhaps it is Donald Trump Juneteenth shirt true, no wonder why he excels in technology that he cannot run a country Bill Teweles just as long as he didn’t sing from Michael Jackson’s album, the rest of the world can feel reassured or sth. John Andrada And the people are just making trump more popular because every little thing he does is an international issue. Adam Lloyd 6.1 million?? Wow. I just opened up TikTok and the first video I saw was a cat going under a priest’s robes. It had 10.2 million views. April Aegerter Paying Russia to steal an election doesn’t count as being professional at technology. Carlos Roberto Solís Schlicker His greatest intellectual achievement is a third grader’s grasp of English. He’s had to take several tests to try to convince the public he doesn’t have a neurological disorder. And many of us don’t find it compelling.

Donald Trump Juneteenth shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Donald Trump Juneteenth hoodie
Donald Trump Juneteenth ladies-tee
Donald Trump Juneteenth tank top
tank top
Donald Trump Juneteenth v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Severus Saad Seriously this is Donald Trump Juneteenth shirt cracking me up, we all have a Karen aunt that insists on joining every social platform to prove the same point he is trying to prove (only our aunts do not run a country)David Kyte I always thought Covefe was a misspelling; apparently, we have BAs, MDs, and now a technology degree that’s a Cove. John Hubbard And BBC give them free advertising because I never heard of them until you told me. Nyran Stanton barely went to school, never passed college. But has a Ph.D. in everything. :< You can’t buy or earn that short. Natalie Baker He’s pissed off because a bunch of teenagers trolled him and nobody showed up to his rally. End of story. Karen Ann How nice that he has the time …… it’s not like there are any pressing matters he should be attending to.

Mathias G Kheswa Who knew that they’ll one day witness their president on an app that he once described as “security bridge” surely, the Chinese will bridge him.Janice Dunning Someone who answers the tv remote and tries to change the tv stations with the phone is…Xiang Li Never play TikTok but heard about it. triller? Never notice before. Did they pay dumnault the clown to shut TikTok?Jack Partington Don’t even use/own a phone me personally. I’ve used the internet for nearly 19 years though. That’s probably why.


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