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Joe Biden Is a man who has blood on his hands. Donald Trump Still Your President shirt Just remember Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq. Both he and Clintons should be held responsible for war crimes against humanity. People from the Balkans know this very well. Why does it always look like he looking into one direction where the speech is written!!! Show some interaction with the audience!! That means that Georgia, a republican controlled state sucks at its job and needs the change. Savor your last month or so under Trump, because pretty soon you’re going to be living under the rules of the Chinese Communist state. Good luck from the UK.The contrast with how Trump would have handled Biden’s numbers could not be greater. Hope he keeps up this calm, nonpartisan and positive tone as president. He wants to take revenge on those who stood in his way!

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Or his cronies are doing it without his knowledge, it is not legal anyway! Let’s hope the Donald Trump Still Your President shirt best for all the countries in the world. It will be a wonderful world if we all humans live in peace, love, and respect for each other! Regardless of one’s political views, we can all agree with the latest American unfolding events that are very much so indeed typical of the “banana republic”.

Stop saying you’re going to win until you win. Because of your two lips away from sounding like Trump. Give it a rest already. Geesh. The only ones that have won are the people who remember that. They are going to have to pry Donny out of the White House. Or, he’ll quit and leave soon. Either way, I love that I no longer have to worry if someone changed his diaper today. I am thinking that the U.S is most certainly going to have their first female President’ I say that because this guy looks like one or two more clean shirts will do him and his vice will have to take the reigns when he curls his old toes.


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