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It’s amazing how many people in other countries have any opinion about Donald Trump you’re fired shirt election here. They don’t have to live under the tyranny of the Democrats, which is Communism. We don’t want Communism. Since Trump is in power, the world is a little more hostile! I hope Biden wins the American elections. Besides, It will be good for Europe! Just trying to figure out why America wants to bring democracy to the world, yet they can’t get in done fair and straight in their own country. Fight between America’s values, principles, integrity, social harmony, the democracy that the world once used to learn from, and an egotistical, impolite, and incompetent man. Let’s see who the Americans would choose this time. Geez. The old dude or the older dude.

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The US seriously needs to Donald Trump you’re fired shirt rethink their bipartisan system (such big institutions have very little adaptability) and how a candidate can get to the election. The Democrats and the media have spent the last four years desperately sowing hatred and racial tension in the USA and blaming it upon Trump and the Republicans. They can never forgive him for beating corrupt Hillary. Come on the Donald! 4 more years! Sir Joe Biden I can’t wait to call you Mr. President. And Kamala Harris you will be our Vice president, both of you going to the White House today.

No one can stop except God. And of course, you are in my prayer in every single breath. You are definitely blessings for Americans in this crisis moment. May God bless you and may God bless America . I think the media have once again completely ignored the facts to make their stories more exciting. Sadly it’s going to be a Trump win, the Democrats had no chance going up against a personality with a blank old man. Why are so many people supporting a Racial Segregationist?… Thought racism was bad. Like unacceptably bad. A lot of supporters for the racist… Apparently, equality doesn’t matter.


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