Don’t blame me I voted for sasquatch shirt




Sophia Smith Galer I hope you enjoy my film. and are all staying safe and well during this difficult time. Colette Rivard Kern The former tune from Newsday was my very favorite. I miss it, and I miss hearing it on my radio at 10 pm. ( Now have to be up at 1 am to Don’t blame me I voted for sasquatch shirt hear Newsday on world service in NY.). But, good stuff, stay safe and well everyone! Cathie Thorogood The BBC is crap these days. I follow this page in the hope of getting the decent news coverage for which the World Service is renowned. What is this rubbish? Candy Punter This clip made me laugh, which is challenging to do in the time we live in; thank you, Love Becca Boodles I hope they have seen Bill Bailey’s take on this in his 2004 Part Troll stand up?!

Don’t blame me I voted for sasquatch shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

v-neck t-shirt

Bets Don’t blame me I voted for sasquatch shirt

.Reginald Iheanachor My wife would laugh anytime I danced to the tune. Brian Macu It’s a great piece of music but the “rave” thing is far from new and this is quite cringey. Madhu Chandra Wow !! Finally, I got to see the man behind the composition, quite a mood-lifting moment for me!! I was quite fascinated by the composition ever since I first saw BBC News in 1999, Nick Gowing, Stephen Cole, Nish Pillai, etc. The run-up to the bulletin is even interesting with visualization of Signals beaming from Don’t blame me I voted for sasquatch shirt  dishes to Satellite !! Quite a thing !! Gerry Carrie is About as funny as walking in the house and catching me Ma and Da sixty-nine. And they’re in their 80’ in the front


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