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Pamela Kosacki She’s clever for trying everything to Don’t make me Gibbs Slap you vintage shirt raise money for school. It’s so expensive! Kudos to her for trying so hard. So many people just give up or say I couldn’t go bc I didn’t have the money. Something she did made her stand out. She’s going to go far and I’m glad she’s in Uni – and a much-needed STEM gal! Nancy Fagan Well done young lady! Good luck for the future and may life continue to be kind to you.Fair play to Taylor swift! Florent Nourrisson Nitsch It’s just sad to see that University is not free everywhere in the world. Access to knowledge should be free and granted to everyone. Good luck with your future year’s girl! Ann Green I don’t know Taylor Swift’s music but thank you to her for helping a young person who has obviously worked hard and has the ability to make the most of her opportunities. Work hard, Vitoria. Hope life continues to be kind

Don’t make me Gibbs Slap you vintage shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Don’t make me Gibbs Slap you vintage hoodie
Don’t make me Gibbs Slap you vintage ladies-tee
Don’t make me Gibbs Slap you vintage tank top
tank top
Don’t make me Gibbs Slap you vintage v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Pete Spencer That bright young Portuguese girl showed initiative and  Don’t make me Gibbs Slap you vintage shirt deserves to go to university So she wasn’t eligible for any UK funding yet she got on with fundraising And it paid off. She couldn’t even speak English when she came to the UK alone age 14 four years ago and just got 2 x A* and an A at A level. Puts a lot of our 18-year-old youth to shame And why knock Taylor Swift for an astonishing act of generosity she doesn’t need the publicity . Pauline Gears Why so many negative comments. I can’t believe we live in a world where a person has given this young lady a chance to make something of herself and she is getting so many nasty comments. Give her credit where it is due. Well done Taylor and best of luck Vitoria in your studies.

Cat Nobrega Nothing surprised by the comments. No one can be happy that someone can achieve their dream. The happiness of others always disturbs the weak of the spirit. Rachel Kay, She should learn from Keanu Reeves. I hear this humble guy donates millions to charity but you will never hear him say “I want this to be on BBC so the whole can know I donated something.”Callum Thompson Why picks her and not someone from saying Small Heath or Sparkbrook who is truly in poverty and disadvantaged.


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