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So the same with your money. Just putting it on a bank account will generate nothing or Don’t touch me peasant shirt nothing. In fact, just inflation alone will consume it. Sure the bank uses it to create loans and from those loans, they pay big salaries and big cars, but those people that gave them money so that they could create loans get near nothing.

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So instead it is Don’t touch me peasant shirt you first buy from your salary something that goes up in value. Most companies aim to make some 30% to 100% profit. Clearly many do not do so. In fact the majority of companies barely make a profit. Notice too that while it sounds fantastic to make 100000000% profit, the reality is that any big income market is quickly filled with copycats. Hence investing provides somewhere 20% per year, provided you pick a company that has a decent story and good product. While it sometimes happens that penny stocks bounce back up, they are penny stocks for a reason.




3 reviews for Don’t touch me peasant shirt

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