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The neighbors had a pool and their fifteen-year-old daughter had a lot of friends Dr Fauci I need a hero shirt to swim. Thet said I could swim with their daughter but it was clear she didn’t want me there. The next day, they tied my hands again and took my shorts and underwear off again. They were touching me and grinning at each other. Then the other one dared the neighbor to kiss it. She did, but it was just a pack. They dared each other until they both put their mouth around it but quickly took it away. They were afraid I’d squirt in their mouth.

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The next day, they blindfolded me again and madeDr Fauci I need a hero shirt me lay on my back and the neighbor got on me and I felt her hand holding me while she put me in her and moved around until she was in the right place and she slowly moved so I was sliding on. It was the most wonderful thing as her soft wetness squeezed and enveloped me. It took a long time for her to take it all in, and when she lifted herself up and lowered herself, I was in heaven. The other one said she wanted to try it before I was ready to squint. She sat on me and took me into her and it was beyond fabulous. I felt the stirring start inside and wanted to see how it would feel to squint inside but she felt me jerking and got off. She jerked me until I came.


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