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John Won Let’s not get too excited people. He has been on his post for a very very long time. Take it with a grain of salt. He didn’t survive the public office that long by just being a nice guy. David Crawford, He has the same accent and delivery as Bernie Sanders. They’re both from Brooklyn and were born only a year apart. Thank you for Dr.Pauci fan club shirt  promptly correcting the misinformations. So far you are the only one that dares & shows courage & intelligence to immediately correct the lame duck! Appreciate your services with deep knowledge & many years of experiences to guide the country facing COVID-19 epidemic robbing Speed And folks, one of the first people to be released from his job later in the year for some small infraction made up in a little mind.

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Tony Fauci is the best man for the job he has. He’s been doing this kind of work for decades and knows his stuff AND the politics of communicating that expertise. I’ve met him a few times so I’m biased, sure. This gentleman is the only human being who speaks the truth during the so-called Daily Briefing!! We need Dr. Fauci!! I’m not sure if you’ve written about them yet, but wouldn’t it be good to know about some of the characters in China and other parts of Dr.Pauci fan club shirt  Asia who have had success in managing this outbreak in their countries? Gary Duguay Unfortunately more people listen to his boss than to him. It’s just a matter of time till he is dumped for not parroting the boss.


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