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Dragonfly Christmas tree shirt


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Maybe instead of crass consumerism, we could get back to the Dragonfly Christmas tree shirt true meaning of Christmas. God Bless Us, Everyone! Sad times for those on their own…nice for families on here saying they won’t visit parents, etc, and are planning a lovely day by themselves…so glad the Christmas spirit is alive and kicking! We will still have a Christmas even if it’s different – I think some families might prefer a quieter Christmas anyway. Sometimes it gets hard to keep up with all the expectations. I think anyone who doesn’t expect Christmas to be a little different this year, and hasn’t prepared themselves for this, is living in cloud cuckoo land! Just like those who thought that this was over, just because things were relaxed in summer! Wish this ‘Christmas could be canceled’ would stop.

Dragonfly Christmas tree shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

Dragonfly Christmas tree hoodie
Dragonfly Christmas tree ladies-tee
Dragonfly Christmas tree sweater
Dragonfly Christmas tree v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Best Dragonfly Christmas tree shirt

So it may be different but we just have to Dragonfly Christmas tree shirt make the best of this situation and enjoy it and make it special with those we can. Plenty of people spend Christmas alone or don’t want to celebrate it for many reasons. A better not so hysterical headline could be ‘We may need to celebrate Christmas differently this year’ but sadly the bbc all seems to be about is creating panic and division these days ! Christmas this year will be very different for many for various reasons.

Some people will have lost loved ones, some will have lost jobs, some will not be able to see family members. Spare a thought for these people. Even if its full-blown quarantine, I mean, Christmas will still exist. At least we know how to navigate this thing safely. Christmas won’t be cancelled. I’ll enjoy it the same way I usually do. With my husband and 4 kids. Just be sensible if you normally have loads of family around I’m sure you can have a quiet one for 1 year. Hopefully, those living alone can find someone to go to but for everyone else just enjoy it as a family but without extended family


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