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Barbora Vargova I would say it is Slovakia. All nearly back to normal 24 died in total, had quite a Dress for Success Put on the Armor of God shirt a few days without any reported death or infected case.  I am proud of them. Still have 2m, restrictions, face masks for shopping, buses, etc. Masks are necessary or they face fine. Kristine Frost “humble, not overconfident”. I mean I would love if the US was that, but it’s much less than that lately. We have a ‘leader’ who can never admit even one tiny mistake, and he’s dragging down morale with him. Ann Bird Our Government should be shamed by this. The Germans are justly proud and using words like humble is fine too. Fiona Lichfield I’d rather be living in Germany right now. Have no confidence in any of our Government

Dress for Success Put on the Armor of God shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

tank top
v-neck t-shirt

Best Dress for Success Put on the Armor of God shirt

Obeng Boakye I was very much afraid when I got sick insist to stay home instead of going to the Dress for Success Put on the Armor of God shirt hospital. Des Allen Absolutely rubbish!!! but trust me I got better treatment from health workers in Germany ?? they are doing amazing jobs. Ruth Idiaye Honestly don’t know what to believe anymore.  I just hope someday soon this will all be history. Ksenia Stripling, I’m quite happy to live in Germany in these times. Strangely, our city is doing pretty ok, even though we are in the very south.  I just hope that we will manage this crisis somehow. Rosemary Hill Yes, the tragedy of Lombardy galvanized quite a lot of countries, I think. That’s no consolation to the many Italians grieving for those they’ve lost, but it does show that lessons can be learned from even the worst of situations. Well done Germany for learning them.


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