Easily distracted by beer and fish shirt



The dead have no need of any  Easily distracted by beer and fish shirt material things they can neither eat drink nor smoke. If they haven’t already had their fill it’s too late at this point. At my funeral, everyone will get a taser each, the last person standing gets everything I own. A Catholic priest talking about what’s appropriate. How quaint.Never known this happen in the UK. What happens to the gifts? Funeral gifts? I must have missed something here when on earth did people start giving funeral gifts? Awake for family and friends, yes, but gifts for the deceased? Get a grip.

Easily distracted by beer and fish shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

Easily distracted by beer and fish shirt
Easily distracted by beer and fish shirt
Easily distracted by beer and fish shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

I have never ever given funeral gifts, in fact, this is the Easily distracted by beer and fish shirt first time I’ve heard of it in 7 decades. By “gifts” he means “mementos”. These are retrieved after the Service by relatives or the undertaker. True. A nice Irish Whiskey or a Scotch is better. In Japan, people use beer as an offering at temples, shrines, and graves. At the annual Ebisu festival near me, a festival devoted to prosperity and success in business or finances, there are tons of cans of Yebisu beer set down near the shrine name one person ever apart from a house fire that smoking cigs has actually killed ?. Ya can’t I think we should have our funeral while we are still alive, fun to see who shows up I wonder if my 3000 + Facebook friends would show up lol.BBC

My brother’s funeral was last week, and instead of crying and sadness, lead by a church person, it was a Celebration of his life, with laughter and fondness. A Humanist service, with music from Elton John and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, instead of dirges to invoke regrets, and cremation. THAT’S what I want for my send-off. As many people get into massive debt trying to provide showcase sendoffs, perhaps an envelope with a contribution towards the funeral could be given. The amount of time wasted arguing esoteric, petty, and small-minded dogma. Sounds like my entire time in Catholic school. Ugh, get over yourself! One of the many reasons I’m glad to be free of that absurd institution.


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