Easily distracted by books and cats shirt


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Poe Kwar public would like election dictator to Easily distracted by books and cats shirt prohibit all activities in this country and tackle all regime in this country and then protestor opposite activities put imprison in this country they always to do like thatSam Edu This is a sign that this leader has not been leading his nation with fairness, goodness, justly, gentleness and trustworthy. If this is the case, then, he needs to go so that, a better one with a better mentality can take his place in no time. Rod Thompson Lukashenko’s rule has been long, and he and Putin are old hard-line friends from the days of the USSR.

Easily distracted by books and cats shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Easily distracted by books and cats hoodie
Easily distracted by books and cats ladies-tee
Easily distracted by books and cats tank top
tank top
Easily distracted by books and cats v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Charles Perkins, The people are protesting what they see as an Easily distracted by books and cats shirt power grab that doesn’t do justice to their democratic desires! Continued success to them !!!Ali Asad Fatmi The resolve and courage of the Belarusian people in the streets is praiseworthy and a serious threat to Russia’s revived regional hegemonic plans. So sick of everything, humanity ‘s childish crap!  They need to oust this maniac ASAP.

Betty Furtado And now if Putin and Russia can get out of this country and supporting its dictator, change just might occur!. It’s what Putin does which is fake elections and then he supports others around him that can be his puppets. Andrea Hunt Just watched this on the news…….why the hell is they not wearing face masks ??? Tv reporter Jonah Fisher getting close to protesters to get there views with No Mask? Beyond belief !!!!  Let’s hope Western companies dont take over like other countries.

John Morris Putin should keep his nose out of the business of another country. He is seriously stepping out of line.  journalists in the UK do the same. Faisal Ahmed’s report was the same last week. Are they already immune? Does the BBC have no duty of care for its journalists? Just wondering.BBC


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