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BBC News Thanks for all of your comments! And the bulldog sway on the skateboard!!! Debbie Rogers Tony Rogers this dog was born to be yours! A bulldog, skateboarding!! Anita Reedy Otto lives in Lima Peru and this world record took place in an Easily distracted by Dogs and dragonflies shirt beautiful park in the oceanfront in Miraflores. Sydney Kutzin Bow-WOW, Otto!! Oh and congratulations, Otto!!! You’re amazing and Otto!  Dogs can do some pretty amazing things. History is filled with tales (and tails) of highly accomplished canines, all of whom are worth remembering on National Dog DayHow many people were in “the world’s longest human train Jason Hodges I’m coming to y’all in desperation! I got the horses in the back t shirt

Easily distracted by Dogs and dragonflies shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

v-neck t-shirt

Bets Easily distracted by Dogs and dragonflies shirt

Unfortunately I and my fiancé don’t have the funds for his surgery. Any of our spare funds go to the animals and rescuing those we can. If he does not receive it he will lose his eyesight. Please please please, any little bit will help. If you cannot donate just please keep my sweet guy in your prayers, and spread. Karen Grant, Nobody said that he was stupid or without talent or wanting to have Easily distracted by Dogs and dragonflies shirt some fun people should see this another way people think because it’s an animal that they are inferior but that has nothing to do with it ok I guess it’s Levels Again. Ok got it whew!! Hobbs D Richard Otto the bulldog is from Lima Peru, Miraflores he does his shows at the park every Sunday.


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