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Cher, you are not only a great singer. Elephant Badmin Shirt You also have a big heart full of gold. I am so happy for this precious baby. He never deserved to be lonely. Some people are so heartless. I’m happy now. why was this poor creature treated so badly? heartbreaking, well done Cher, the rest of them, all those who abused him, and the poor creatures only friend should hang their heads and hope their sky fairy is compassionate with them when the time comes. I watched this, this morning. I was in tears. How wonderful that someone cared about this poor creature. You only needed to see the look on Kaavan’s face to see how grateful he was to his rescuers. Thank you, Cher! Such wonderful news that this beautiful animal is going to a better life. He has endured physical and psychological cruelty for half his potential life. All living creatures deserve better. Good luck Kavan!What a sad story and for him to be treated like that but now has a happy ending. Hopefully, he will be able to live the rest of his life in peace and comfort. Well done to Cher for getting involved, thank you, How could this be allowed to happen to this Gentle Giant her whole life wasted just because the owner of the Zoo didn’t want to relocate her. Elephants are social animals. Shame on them. Thank you for fighting for her. sad that it takes someone with fame and money.

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Elephant Badmin Shirt Every one of these elephants that have been confined should be rescued. God have mercy. I read this with tears in my eyes. Yes, he has suffered for a long time, but now he can finally be free in the correct environment for him. Hope he is happy for the rest of his days. Thankyou Cher and all those involved in saving Kavan. Thank you so much!Poor thing.

So glad that he’ll have some pleasant years. I am always appalled at the abominable cruelty of humans to animals. I’m as if they think these creatures could not feel, or sense, anything. I mean, for instance, great bears locked up for a lifetime in tiny cages and cruelly milked for their bile, which is supposed to enhance Chinese men’s libido or some other nonsense.


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