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Good god, go away already. You lost, get over it. We the people, don’t like you. If there is a report on Russian interference, then we should see it. Can nobody see the danger in this?
There’s an Elizabeth Banks Hillary Clinton shirt lot of people slagging off Hilary Clinton, and I’m not a fan, but what she says is right. We absolutely should see it. It’s just smoke and mirrors all the time with our politicians. Let us make an INFORMED choice at the next election. What the Russians are creating more lies and dodgy information than our own politicians!!!? Can’t believe it? The media reporting this as the same as the Russian interference with Western democracy is mad. Someone with experience of international politics expressing their opinion is not the same as other subversive tactics used. Release the report! And then we can see!

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After that, it’s up to the electorate. (Who you might not trust to give the right answer so would maybe meddle a bit, but only in a very positive way obv… ).Who cares what has Mrs. Clinton has to do with UK politics she may have a point but it’s none of her business only UK people or citizens have the right to question! Why has her opinion been shown on the BBC when she is an Elizabeth Banks Hillary Clinton shirt nobody when it comes to politics. If she was the president then yes comment if we listen. well, that’s a different story. Allen Sauner Because Hillary and company are in bed with the Russians to accomplish such, lol. Then why did Trump win the election? That’s what they’re angry about because the Russian influence didn’t work did it, lol.


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