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You can say that again he is no good for End of an Error 01.20.21 shirt your country poor people deserve better than trump I’m America but I see and hear a lot about trump the poor people need someone that can help poor people.IN the USA, if you care at all about your future, your children, your elderly, your fellow Americans, you must get rid of that anti-science wacko you got for a president right now. Donald Trump has the Mandate from the Highest God to win the election and to continue with the Will of God in restoring American to its originality. I think every government would love it, not for the people or by the people, but to the detriment of the people’s health. Please let us never forget we’re a society and how we treat our vulnerable is the greatest gauge of a society’s success, health care should always be accessible and a right not pay as you go !! If everyone contributes while healthy and able, there’s a pot for everyone your elderly parents, vulnerable and sick children. Once you’re no longer able to work due to illness. Sort out your greedy insurance companies. I really hope trump gets kicked out, he’s a megalomaniac and animal hater, he stopped every good thing Obama did, Remember all the GOP opportunists who stood behind this man-child and remained silent, when you cast your vote.

End of an Error 01.20.21 shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

End of an Error 01.20.21 hoodie
End of an Error 01.20.21 ladies-tee
End of an Error 01.20.21 sweater
End of an Error 01.20.21 v-neck t-shirt
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Clear the End of an Error 01.20.21 shirt whole viper’s nest of them out. If you die, and the vote is absent, it should no longer be valid, for the process would not be performed by any regular, living means. The absolute majority in the Uk are horrified about Trump’s actions.

This is not the 1940’s but a more scary world where right-wing dictators like Trump are trying to stir up and start World War 3 because it will suit them financially. For the whole world to be a better place, Joe Biden needs to be the next President, we don’t need a tyrant to lead a democratic country like the USA, we need someone who is humane enough like Joe Biden.


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