Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me class of 2021 shirt



I’m saddened by Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop my class of 2021 shirt this, and worst, there are still so many people who are not taking it seriously….think We must be treading our common sense for fear. meaning the survival rate of covid is over 98% .most probably this isn’t worrying than the maternal death rate worldwide. The WHO itself has been part of the problem. They failed to quickly get and disseminate accurate information on the nature of the spread of the virus. For several months, they couldn’t even tell if it was necessary to wear face masks. They are mind-blowing statistics! It’s been a terrible year for so many people.

Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me class of 2021 shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Even a global pandemic couldn't stop me class of 2021 hoodie
Even a global pandemic couldn't stop me class of 2021 ladies-tee
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Let’s hope and pray we are coming out of this hell. What I would like to know is why front-line workers such as teachers police and shop workers are no longer being prioritized for the vaccine when we’re most at risk. I work in a shop and risk getting covid every time I go into Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me class of 2021 shirt work I deal with on average 100-150 people an hour (I know this because I kept a record of how many people I served) and that’s just in a small shop think about the bigger ones tooAnd how about the deaths from depression, suicides, cancers and other illnesses untreated, etc? Add everything!! And we are still no further to know the “true” origin of its existence, and how it came to cause such carnage all over the world.

Frustrating to say the least!! Thousands are dying because no one has been treated in hospital for anything else. And that sadly will continue unless we get a grip on what is going on. A year of struggle, a year of pain, a year where many people lost their beloved ones, an Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me class of 2021 shirt year which ripped us to shreds, a year which spoiled people’s career and jobs, a year of dreams getting shattered, and a year which demoralized us. It’s my birthday as well, I am 49, much better than that noob covid and it has killed much fewer people… Why am I not on the BBC? And still taking lives sadly…..but I also wished u had published the ppl who lost love ones to cancer, diabetes, heart problems that could not get treatment in time due to restrictions rules in hospital. To think that no one saw it coming. Deaths, business crashing, mental health. I now live each day as it comes. So that’s 0.26% of the world population of 7.8 billion people who have died, a quarter of 1%… I wonder how many people died of cancer and other illnesses during this last year based on PCR…which is not a test. And after all the circus, people around the world have lost their liberties, started to ‘trust’ governments, and fear each other. Health?..nothing to do with health.WHO is responsible for most of the Covid-19 related deaths because it took a long to declare coronavirus as a global pandemic. incorrect, the WHO said back in October last year that probably 10% of the global population have been infected.
That would now be over 1 billion people.

It’s a tiny IFR based on that criteria. We have built sophisticated technology that enables us to travel to the Even a global pandemic moon yet we are being terrorized by a mere virus, God is showing us that he’s in control. And WHO got paid big time to cover it up and still are, the chance of escaping from a laboratory is more likely than the wet market. However, would not have been categorized as a pandemic had it not been for a change of criteria right before the outbreak of the swine flu in 2009 … by the WHO


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