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We survived an Ew David meme schitts vintage shirt all-alone Thanksgiving, thank God, and will do the same for Christmas. Couldn’t live w myself if I caused someone to catch this. Hoping the Holidays will be Happy just with your household. Wanting to see my loved ones and travel in 2021! Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season! Keep the volume down what the feck is it gonna do come in and have a rave.
Honestly, who makes this up? Reading the comments I’m so glad so many were not around during ww2 .. imagine being told to blackout your windows and refusing to do so during air raids .. or the idea of rationing .. recycling.. keeping your neighbors safe.

Ew David meme schitts vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Ew David meme schitts vintage hoodie
Ew David meme schitts vintage ladies-tee
Ew David meme schitts vintage v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Some people are just selfish and have no regard for anyone else except themselves.No. You stay home and don’t mix. It’s because of this kind d of thing that we’re still in this mess.1. Don’t go to London protesting about losing your rights and not wanting a David meme schitts vaccine. If you don’t want the vaccine, don’t have it! No one cares. So covid will get you if your noisy, what is this all about…
Also, covid is having a holiday where it’s not spreading between the 23rd Dec until 26th either.
It’s OK for all the politicians to make the rules when it suits them, as long as the rules apply to them for seeing their loved ones and friends, the rules are out the window.
Either you open everything up or you don’t, don’t have a million rules which people are getting confused with and changes every week. Not great for people’s state of mind.
Totally understand some of the rules if obeyed correctly.

People are losing faith especially when we have lost so much this year.BBC
Sorry for the rant. If the weather forecast is right, it’s going to be David meme schitts positively arctic, who wants windows open when it’s freezing? Also, what does the noise level have to do with catching a virus?? Give over so if you’re too loud covid gets angry then you get it? breakthrough this stay away from the loud ones!! At what volume will it leave you alone? How many windows are acceptable? or is it until you freeze to death? So if what the government is telling us/have been telling us for the past 8/9 months is true (I don’t believe it is or they wouldn’t have to be so underhand in their practices by inducing fear at every opportunity) then there is no way on earth they would be giving us ‘5 days off for Christmas!!! Notice no leeway was given for Eid or the other religious festivals people celebrate in this country? Absolutely disgusting, not to mention discriminatory. And surely, those who are mask exempt would not be allowed out due to the risk posed to them and others?

Wouldn’t biohazard bins be on every street corner for mask and glove disposal? None of these rules make any sense to me. The virus is clearly a tricky little devil and my mind is blown So basically have a few people around as possible and once indoors don’t look or talk at eachother or do anything at all. Then go David meme schitts home. Pointless. Can someone just clarify exactly how many windows need to stay open for the “virus” to not enter my home? That’s where you’re more likely to get ill. Having them open constantly. What volume of music is it OK with? I mean we talk every doesn’t mind people having a chat, but it just doesn’t like people singing!?!

Can we hum? I can see lots of people playing charades this year. Is it from the film the Quiet Place, if it hears you sing it is going to get you!? I have never heard so much nonsense in my entire life… Viruses can not count, they don’t know if Windows are open or not. Obviously, it can hear… It’s bloody clever, it even knows to go away on its holidays and see its family for five days.
Then it’s going to come back to spread its Christmas cheer.
Ffs what has the world come to..!?!


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