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To lean on someone else’s shoulder, who is always ready to let us feel what it’s like to be comforted. Cry, to feel so little, fragile. Cry, so I see is big.
Wake up earlier than usual to see that today is Extremely Wealthy Ninja Nephews shirt beautiful. The sunshine spread all over the path, the clear sounds of the new day were so pleasant to the ears, unlike the noisy car horns of yesterday. And we change. Full of inspiration for a new day.


Extremely Wealthy Ninja Nephews shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, and long sleeve t-shirt

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Extremly Wealthy Ninja Nephews tank top
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Laugh a little more, with friends, relatives, people who smile at you, and even people you meet by chance, even if you are not very close. Smile at people who are happy to share their joy, and to feel happier in your heart. Smiling to people who are having difficulty, lets them feel that there will always be someone by their side and that life is still full of joy anyway.

Cry when you really want to cry, don’t hide your feelings forever, don’t turn into a cold, emotionless person. Cry to relieve the feeling. To have the opportunity to confide. To lean on someone else’s shoulder, who is always ready to let us feel what it’s like to be comforted. Cry, to feel so little, fragile. And cry, to show I’m growing up.

Listen to a rock song on a hot summer afternoon instead of sweet love songs every night to see that,

Not all noise makes us uncomfortable. Rock is good too. And we know that changing our mind about something can sometimes bring unexpected pleasure.

Be a little more generous, boldly express your feelings to people, and accept their feelings for us, to know the “great normal feeling” of love, to live in harmony and openness.

Boldly say sorry for the mistakes we make, boldly say forgiveness to those who were not good to us, to forgive ourselves, and to never repeat that mistake.

Boldly say love to those who really love, even though we know them, they also understand how great our love for them is. But a word is better anyway, right?

Paying attention to people a little more to realize that life around is Extremly Wealthy Ninja Nephews shirt  going very fast, must hold tight to dear images, good feelings, colorful moments… for tomorrow, I still have a memory, to remember.

Listen a little more to get the most out of your ears, to hear the best music that the genius composer “Life” is giving to everyone for free.

Read a little more to know that we are so small in the pool of knowledge, to learn good things, to know interesting stories, to expand our knowledge, relax our souls, understand, empathize and share.

A little more subtle. A little softer. A little stronger. Pay attention to yourself a bit more. Be more like an adult. A little more confident. A little more definitive. Change… just a little!


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