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Mickey Lipska, I’m not a Fall for Jesus He never leaves shirt huge fan of TS’s music, (not that I necessarily dislike it, just not my thing) but this is cool regardless of her [impossible to know] motives because it A. Helped a young woman with her education. B. Made her feel special that someone with such name recognition contributed to something that might otherwise be at least somewhat ignored.Eileen Kowalski Merely one woman helping another. We women should all do more of that whether with your money or your time. Don’t care about fame. This is about sticking together and helping one another. Please stop trying to make this something other than the obvious. Amad Alzd I am not eligible for tuition fee and maintenance either so have to work a lot to pay all off! But who’s gonna help with me for that lol

Fall for Jesus He never leaves shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Fall for Jesus He never leaves hoodie
Fall for Jesus He never leaves ladies-tee
Fall for Jesus He never leaves tank top
tank top
Fall for Jesus He never leaves v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Gennie Dovic Whatever you think of the Fall for Jesus He never leaves shirt giver’s motive can’t, people, be happy for the result? A person being able to better herself? Some people just appear mean spirited and pretty joanna Warwick Beautiful story in difficult times. Good on Taylor whoever she is, and go, Vitoria – be amazing my lovely! James McGregor Hmm if we all held out a begging bowl everyone we wanted/needed something, I wonder how that would work out, probably not a great lesson to learn before she’s even started working Andrew Potts The progress of the internet age. Students looking for funding via online donations. Working part-time to fund college is a thing of the past.

Margaret Irvine Beautiful but I think all countries should make university free. Then all people would get the education they deserve.Röd Jeremiäh It’s amazing the lengths people will go to to get out of Tottenham… no wonder she feels emancipatedLisa Christine Spence Just think if every celebrity or millionaire did this for just a few people each year the world would be a better place. Or maybe they could just pay more tax and share the wealth. Anthony Scott, You just know that this young lady is going to live up to people’s confidence in her and smash her degree.BBC


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