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Fiona White Would also like to  Father and daughter  foresee the acknowledgment of other workers not attached to the nhs such as food shop workers, posties, bin men, firefighters, and many more. Pamela Hall When this is over we must have some kind of lasting memorial to these hero’s and above all learn from our mistakes and give our heroes what they deserve for the future. Maureen Harrison So, sad, now will the idiots who choose to ignore advice and guidelines given Hang Your Heads in Shame, it is an easy task, Stay IN & Stay Safe, this would at least show your appreciation of what has been sacrificed so you can stay well. This to me is like a world disaster. May they rest in perfect peace, they would never, ever be forgotten! My prayers are for their families and for every front line staff and keyworker


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 father and daughter shirt
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 father and daughter shirt
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Best  Father and daughter best friend shirt 

I just hope and pray this disease will go away very soon and not return. Like many disasters on our planet. Aileen Ross Please create a memorial to  best friend these heroes and lay wreaths annually to remember their sacrifice. Please let this memorial be a place of quiet contemplation that reminds us to appreciate our health and the medical professions who work to protect it. Susi Drummond I’m so sorry for your families who have lost such amazing courageous individuals. Selfless, brave, beautiful, and kind angels who have saved so many lives, but lost their own. Thank you doesn’t seem enough. Honoring not only the dead but also the living heroes. This is so sad. My thoughts are with their families. And in Australia, there are people pressurizing the Government to ease restrictions when they’re trying to keep us safe.



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