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Unfortunately, they did not have to FC Dallas Take ’em All shirt remove the flag, the city council members should be removed for imposing a law that violates your first amendment rights, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!! Some folks just dont like freedom in some cases don’t even know what it is. They stated they had no issue removing the flag and that it wasn’t their flag that caused a change in the HOA rules. Honestly, I do not see the need to advertise that you are gay. It adds no money to my pocket or food on my table .

Keep your business private some or most of us don’t really want to know nor care . This is why I could never live in a neighborhood governed by a homeowners association of a condo. what about their neighbors….how long do they leave these lights on…what are the covenant rules of the neighborhood…are even American Flags not allowed.if I lived next to them or across the street, I would flood my home and the sky with RED, WHITE, and BLUE.I am an American first last and always…my grandparent immigrated to this country legally….they wanted to become Americans…

FC Dallas Take ’em All shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

FC Dallas Take 'em All hoodie
FC Dallas Take 'em All ladies-tee
FC Dallas Take 'em All tank top
tank top
FC Dallas Take 'em All v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

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