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The Roman Catholic Church is Fendi Roma shirt amongst the richest ‘bodies’ in the world. They can afford to help the poor out of their coffers!
I agree – the buildings and infrastructure need to be protected and renewed to attract the visitors/tourists and for those living there. Well, let’s say that a good part of that money gets stolen by people during the night, and guardians who are supposed to vigilant just pretend they didn’t witness anything and take part of that money.

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The rest of it goes to Rome’s council. Jolly good idea. A way for tourists to contribute to the city itself. Churches have their own collecting boxes and they have been supported by public funds for far too long. It’s a Secular world out there. They should use that money to clean Rome. I was there for Xmas and I still can’t get over how filthy dirty Rome is.. literary rubbish everywhere..such a pity as it is one of the nicest metropolitan cities in the world yet I wasn’t too impressed with the rubbish on the streets the poor suffer it will be because the Catholic church does not use any of their vast wealth to help them so business as usual then. It should go to the city to preserve the monuments.

If I had thought my money was going to the church I would never have Fendi Roma thrown it in. My most favorite place to sit is at the Trevi Fountain. But then anywhere in Rome is so beautiful. It was damaged two years ago and am sure it cost a lot of money to repair. It was great to see the water back in 2018 so perhaps go towards the cost of keeping it as lovely as it is . Up to Italians of course but I think it should be used to maintain the beautiful city. The Catholic Church is very rich so the Vatican could make up the shortfall to the charity. The tourists come to see the city and if it is allowed to fall into disrepair fewer people will want to see it. How about dividing the fountain into two, one side for the church and one side for the city.

Then the tourists could decide who should get the money. Catholic Church is very wealthy in its own right. Furthermore, churches don’t pay tax!!! Let them keep the coins but the government should then tax them!!!”We did not foresee this outcome,” Caritas director Father Benoni Ambarus told Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian bishops’ conference. “I still hope it will not be final.”The Catholic church, pretending to care about the poor from their gilded castle,BBC

sounds of hypocrisy to me !! If they are truly worried about the loss of 1.3 million they could easily find that in Fendi Roma their massive self-serving budget donated it to those in need (the homeless, the hungry, those unable to afford medicine or education), maintain the historic and cultural monuments, and sites throughout Rome. Better yhe city’s infrastructure and/or tourism industry. Pick one.. Or more.50/50 seems fair. The money only comes bc the tourists. If the area goes to seed the tourists won’t come and no one gets the money. 1/2 for the poor, 1/2 for the city to keep that area in good shape. Seriously with all the $$$$ the Vatican takes in or shall I says rakes in n a daily basis why would they even be upset over a mere million or so that the city could handily use to shore up its infrastructure? Greedy greedy greedy


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