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Aaron Brown That’s not a Fishing is like Boobs vintage shirt feeding frenzy, that’s just sharks feeding on a Bait ball. Anybody who has ever seen a real feeding frenzy would know the difference. It is a genuinely scary thing to watch, don’t fall in the water. Ron Hernandez Ling, Surely he should know that no other boats around meant the sharks are enjoying their own space at last….just go home mate and let the sharks enjoy their feast! Mary E Holmes, I used to live in Brisbane and went to Moreton Island a few times plus The Reef and never saw a shark. Andre Tridentine Knight Bring them to the English Channel, they will be a perfect defensive measure against unwelcome predators. Tamilarasan Tamil Tamilarasan Very great to see so many sharks at a time that too in the shallow ocean. Lucky you sir. Harriet Kriehn Ed Burnham I jumped when he pointed the camera down

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John Martin Looking forward to watching the new series, by the looks of Fishing, is like Boobs vintage shirt things we’re in for a treat. And of course we have sir David Attenborough presenting and narrating, wonderful. Jim Sprague, This is just one of many reasons why I won’t swim in anything other than a man-made body of water… one completely devoid of anything, including brain-eating amoeba. Kgabo Sedibelo Nature is so amazing: birds hunting for fish and fish hunting for birds, converging in the same place! When birds learn not to touch the water for long, fish learn to fly to catch birds midair! Wow! Conditioning or evolution? The oceans are depleted of food the sharks are on the hunt always. They’re on the move


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