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Nothing surprising in news. Flip Flop American chancleta survivor shirt Many crows have collected colorful Pieces of clothes, my cat brings metallic things home. Many people collect unwanted things for their whole life. But it helps them to burst stress. A kind of bird, it always likes to collect sparkling things, just like foxes like to collect shoes. It’s really cute that makes me remembered my neighbor’s dog, which often finds some bottles and regards them as treasure. Two years ago, I wandered around our campsite in Oxfordshire very early in the morning, in just my dressing gown. My girlfriend and I are very quiet people, very private. Two days before we were meant to leave, two large vans filled with German families arrived. They had about seven children between them. They were very active, very noisy, constantly playing football (a sport for degenerates). Anyway, I went out very early in my dressing gown, and left fresh turds on their windscreens, as is the way of the people of Swansea. They leave excrement everywhere. Do not go to Swansea, it is a disgusting place. I have a family of foxes that live in my backyard and they love to bring dog toys from other people’s yards and leave them in the bushes. It’ll have been a woman in a previous life. My cat’s been here before, he was a bloke that liked a night out with the lads and a curry at the end of it, especially chicken madras.

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I now think, our fox was competing at the Flip Flop American chancleta survivor shirt international level! It even tried to carry away a shoe with succulents! Garden gloves were brought back though. We always tie our shoes and boots to our tent posts when backpacking, as we’ve been warned animals will steal shoes for the salt from the sweat. You either love them or hate them but I would say that if they were culled we would have a far larger problem with the rat population.

I feed foxes especially at this time of the year. Mostly food scraps or dog kibble. It goes every night. I watch the Fox who comes at a regular time each night. I figure I’d rather have a fox(foxes) in my garden than rats. Rats/mice etc make up a large part of the diet of foxes.


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