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This happened to me, I was camping with my daughter near St David’s. my daughter got up early to go to the Flip flop team Spartan shirt loo and intercepted a fox stealing my flip flop. Thanks to alert police work, the thief has been brought to heel. He now promises to toe the line. “I’ve been such a heel” he lamented, “and I need to re-boot my priorities”.Sources have informed me that she is known as Imelda Marfox in the neighborhood. She has also asked a FoxBI informant about cryogenics. I had one running shoe stolen from my back door many years ago. One! Bloody annoying. It would have been better if they had stolen both. Many years later I found it behind the shed. It was only then that I realized that a fox had taken it. They are fascinating creatures. This post is such a coincidence. Just this morning, one of my sneakers went missing from the back verandah and I said to my husband, I think a fox must have taken it. Many years ago, I’d heard that a fox did the same thing here. An adorable fox used to steal my training shoes every night and just hide them in the bushes. I’d Puck them up in the morning and used to walk me home at night. He was lovely and very funny.

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This happened in the Flip flop team Spartan shirt village where my sister lives in Switzerland. People had shoes left outside stolen for a while. Eventually, they discovered a fox den with lots of single shoes! The fox that lived around the neighbourhood I grew up in used to steal shoes and deposit them in the local dentist’s garden!!

Hello, I don’t suppose Mr fox has any size 12 and aye have in flip flops in his stash as I can’t get any in John Lewis and need aye pair for around me house my regards Mr flip flop. We have had crocs, wellies, and slippers taken by them. Found them in the field and down our lane or in neighbors’ gardens.


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