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This garbage clown who made millions corrupting the Frameless music hip hop rappers shirt minds of kids with garbage lyrics.. rapping about murder, rape, drugs, etc.  Trying to distract people from all of Trump’s Triumphs. Every day they and the rest of the media are fading into the background like ghosts of the past. Without our attention- they really don’t exist. “Why are we rock stars? Because we’re morons. Yaaaaaaawn. I mean, I love what he’s done with his music & I absolutely believe he’s extremely talented but making it political to help further divide our nation? Eminem didn’t say anything that most reasonable, fairly intelligent people didn’t already know. It’s a pity that such ‘artists’ use their influence to divide citizens.  It’s not only against Trump but the popular movement he represents that bothers them. Unless the election process has changed. Donald Trump is an embarrassment to American democratic values and global image.

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I can respect that. Just not sold on the Frameless music hip hop rappers shirt idea that he should be pushing his trump bashing lyrical freestyle to keep his “homies” in the background happy. Also, anyone else finds it funny how he’s the only (as he puts it) “white boy” in the video standing in front of black people, giving the impression that he’s leading them?
Lola’s recent dove commercial showing a black girl taking her shirt off and “transforming” into a white girl to innocently express different beautiful racial cultures is considered racists but a white person standing in front of nothing but black people making it appear that he’s leading their voice isn’t?I know I know, here comes all the Eminem fanboys or extreme-leftist to throw hatred at me for (gasp) having an opinion on an open forum.


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