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Will Nash, They are not a secret society The only association with corruption was the Italian Lodges which they don’t recognize. You aren’t a ‘Master Mason’, you are a Worshipful Master or Past Master. Again, the media misinforms. Karen Marsh, I’ve always been curious about the Masons, and my ex-husband and several male relatives are/were Freemasons. Mason Lee Simmons As a Freemason, it’s equally amusing and disheartening to see all these comments from people who are willing to just post any kind of Freemason worldwide Masonic Apparel shirt nonsense. Peter Redman Should be banned, secret organizations are always hiding the benefits they receive as members that to another disadvantage. Doing each other favors especially in public service is just corruption and bribery.

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Too many people post as though they know what they’re talking about, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Freemasons are a group of good and moral men who want to make themselves and their brothers better. They want to serve their communities and affect positive change. No sinister plots for new world order, no satanic rituals, no conspiracies. Just a group of men trying to change their communities for the better. Anna Elvis Horsey The founder of the Mormon church Joseph Smith was original, well alleged to have been a Freemason before he set up the church of  Freemason worldwide Masonic Apparel shirt  Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Many of the rituals between the two are similar such as secret handshakes and so forth. So the comparison here has truth in it.


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