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I am English and French Mastiff dog shirt live in Madrid. I have just adopted a one-year-old Spanish speaking dog. She was abandoned and within 2 weeks this little dog learned all the commands in English . They soon learn very intelligent dogs my sister got a dog in Turkey and brought it home to the UK it understood English very fast. Our relative from Norway disciplined our dog once in Norwegian. I said he doesn’t understand, and he said “he knows what I mean”. And yes, he did stop what he was doing. A breeder I got a dog from imported a stud dog from Spain. He was deeply unsettled until her neighbor came round and spoke to him in Spanish then the penny dropped. My little Chinese Crested which I adopt to is quadrilingual. Normal, a dog responds to sounds and not words obviously I don’t want to lower the tone of this conversation but I have had a similar situation with my cat who is a rescue from Cairo. He and I got on OK for a few weeks but when someone visited from Egypt, she started speaking to him In Egyptian Arabic and he perked up no end and got quite excited.

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I adopted a 4yo chihuahua, French Mastiff dog shirt 2y ago that came from an English speaking home, my first language is Portuguese, it was a bit of a struggle at first, but now Albert is a bilingual dog, smart, healthy, and happy. Scottish Dogs are smart I talk to my mum’s Dogs in Norwegian every time I go home to visit them. They know even though they’ve never met a Norwegian before.

This is fairly common in the states with law enforcement dogs, working dogs, and even some service dogs. Training them in another language helps them disregard non-essential commands that could interfere with their work. I adopted my dog from a Flemish-speaking shelter which rescued it from a Flemish-speaking puppy mill. She was 5 when I adopted her and today I speak English, Turkish, and even sometimes French with her and she understands everything when she wants to understand.


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