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A vaccine expert at Wits University, Prof Helen Rees, said: “Fortunately, should further modifications of the Friend Chandler I’m fine shirt vaccine be required to address the new variants, some of the vaccine technologies under development could allow this to be done relatively rapidly.”This virus will continue to mutate and it’s more than likely that the vaccine will need continual adjustments as time goes on. The length of time that the vaccine provides protection is still unknown. It’s the same variant. We don’t know yet what the score is. People are anxious enough without your awful journalism scaring and dividing people more. These are the things that spur the conspiracy theories. No sooner had a vaccine arrived than a new strain also emerges. So many foreign people with dubious Facebook accounts abroad latching onto English Facebook posts. I think that’s where the conspiracy is. A lot of the accounts are new. No about info and in most cases no friends show.

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This is much like any other virus in that respect- they mutate so the Friend Chandler I’m fine shirt vaccine may need to be tweaked like the flu vaccination- that’s different every year based on strain … it’s just new and unknown so a case of protecting ourselves as best as we can until they work it out. This does so not help to put this article out there, scaremongering, wait for the facts as life is difficult enough, and think about the people who are on the very edge.

This just looks increasingly like it’s never going to end…Please read the article. The variant in South Africa is different to ours, plus the headlines on this post don’t do the actual article justice. It says it could weaken the vaccine, it does not say it wouldn’t work.


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