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The Fuck mitch mcconnell shirt mindset of their whole system is completely different from ours. Their welfare system is incredible and not (for the most part) abused.  It’s enlightening but it wouldn’t work in the UK. There isn’t the right mindset here. When taxpayers’ monies are not accounted for paying it is like taking a big rock to the mountain by one person and this becomes hard. The Tax codes in these systems are lucrative in regards to expenses, employee cars, and more. I’d argue the taxes are close without the business expenses capped in the US with some of the state tax rates. Nobody minds paying higher taxes if they see evidence that their money is spent carefully and sensibly, it’s in the contract. When it’s wasted or spent stupidly, everyone wants a tax cut. It’s that simple. I do not think if people love paying taxes.

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Tax is automatically deducted from your salary whether u like it or not, it is the Fuck mitch mcconnell shirt system of the government. Sweden has done a far better job of providing value for money to Swedes for the taxes they pay. When you believe you’re getting value, of course, you’re happy to pay for it. As a Canadian, my free healthcare and the Canadian Armed Forces are chiefs among the reasons why I’m happy to pay taxes.

My contribution to keeping society run. Sweden is a very beautiful country. I met many great people when I was visiting there and they complained about the taxes. My cousin who lives there took his front passenger and back seats out of his car because they tax you for each seat that is in the car.


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