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Remember that Nirvana were already a well-known band within music circles by mid-1991 (when Bill and Fuck yeah Friday shirt Journey was released).  Not too long ago, I happened upon a douchebag and his kid. I was rolling up to one of those stoplights where the left lane is left-turn only, the middle is shared, and the right is straight only. Oh yeah, and there was a right-turn-only with an island. The jackass decided to take personal offense at my coasting to the red light. He condescendingly said something like, “Why are you driving like that? What if someone behind you was in a hurry? And he was a pretty nice dude, too. He was a jock all right, but not one of those brainless jocks who smash mailboxes and toilet paper people’s houses in their free time.

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In the end,everything in both universes is Fuck yeah Friday shirt to the way it was before, everybody laughs off the incident, there’s a stupid, There’d always be people in the locker room of my gym period chanting his name. I was idiotic at the beginning of the year and thought it was me. I learned that it wasn’t pretty quickly, but nobody could stop me from pretending. To that effect, 99% of crossovers you will ever see in your life are all copy/pastes of the same Power Rangers team-up episode or The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones. For a feature film or a TV series? It’d be the biggest waste of a few million dollars you could dream up.



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