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As in the cases of other shops that remained open, there is a Garden I’ll be in my office shirt limited number of people allowed in at the same time, depending on the size of the place and the use of masks is cumpulsory. Seems perfectly reasonable…Justin Kerridge Great idea. Wholeheartedly agree but if garden centers why not all shops that can allow distancing. All the shops I know could have one in one out system very easily. I can understand wanting to do things gradually and if that is the decision then fair enough. But. I fear the government may be hanging back due to the public’s overcautious social media buzz rather than listening to more knowledgeable council

Garden I’ll be in my office shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

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Tom Honnor Just because it seems lockdown rules may be relaxed next week doesn’t mean we need to flock to the Garden I’ll be in my office shirt shops. How about getting hospitals and doctors up and running, cancer treatments, and operations back on track. A garden center isn’t essential to go to when many are offering deliveries and click and collect. Also, the staff shouldn’t need to risk their health for nonessential items. People will just go to the garden centers because its another place they can go to. Denise Forrester So many pessimists….if they can demonstrate social distancing why not let these businesses get back to work. Gardening is known to help people’s mental health the same as exercise and for some elderly, it’s their only pleasure. Brilliant news. Now if we can get other businesses open with the social distancing in place so much the better.


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