George Floyd rest in power shirt



Hayley Sime A lot more people need to George Floyd rest in power shirt stand up to the people who are in control, who think we are just a number and don’t give a hoot.  Claire Wells Force isn’t going to stop this. A large part of US citizens is up in arms regarding Floyd’s death. Freedom of speech is in the past now but they need to see they are being listened to and action taken on all those involved. Paul Chauvin Sostre is an inciter showing only one side of the story just another POS. Joshua Scott Doman, You know what keep not listening to the police. And you deserve whatever happens ina riot environment they’re not there to pat you on the back and say go home be safe stupid fuckin assholes.

George Floyd rest in power shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

George Floyd rest in power shirt
George Floyd rest in power shirt
George Floyd rest in power shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Darla Waite Pigs, bullies, cowards that’s who we rely on to George Floyd rest in power shirt protect the public? Every police station in every city town state or province better learns and remember why they joined the force, if it was to bully, you should be fired. Anyone of these if you promote fear and oppression you should be fired. Erika Manson, I live in Minneapolis and have witnessed it all first hand. The city is boarded up, helicopters are overhead all day. It is very sad and it stresses me out. People have raced down my street at 70 mph…smashed things with baseball bats etc. We love George Floyd, but the violence has to end.

Cynthia Romer That’s like declaring smoke a terror group. They’re not a formal group. There is no organization or leader. It’s an idea the idea that fascism is wrong. It’s always smoke and mirrors with him- all big talk and no substance. James Peach Make no mistake this is a tactic to legalize black citing people who disagree with government actions.  by BBC



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