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Just put the German shepherd Christmas tree shirt fear into everyone yet again..something more to moan about and keep everyone down. Christmas ages away..can’t we please look on a positive angel that maybe with being sensible that things won’t be as bad as this negative government wants it to be. Wouldn’t it be nice if the commercialism and social pressure disappeared and we concentrated on spending quality time with people and sharing happy times, not money. Finally, Christmas will be about the closest family and staying together not spending money on each other to show the love for aunties and uncles you see once a year…They can cancel Christmas for me. Bloody hate it. Nothing but rip off and expense and a glorified Sunday roast. I’d be parked on a beach somewhere given my way. What will be will be, if we all know someone who will be alone, try to include them if the rules are not been broken! Be kind and above all stay safe for better times when we can be together again! Christmas will be different this year and many other things. Most important is that family and friends are healthy and alive. Might as well just accept it and move on with whatever.

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I would rather be safe than take chances, not worth it at all. But yet many of my friends managed to German shepherd Christmas tree shirt do Ramadan with no major problems. It might be different but we can all easily adapt to what is required to keep us safe. Christmas is about family, it doesn’t matter where the family is, as long as people have their health.

We don’t need a second class media outlet to tell us it might be canceled. Christmas will still be Christmas, maybe on a smaller scale, but it will still be Christmas. Ridiculous to talk about canceling so early. A lot could happen in the next three months. Christmas will go ahead regardless, it’s a religious festival. How people choose to celebrate may be different this year though.

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