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I read a book written by a German soldier. German Shepherd Is My Therapy shirt He could as easily have been an American/Canadian/English etc. All of our young men/boys go off to war…they are all the same. They have dreams of life after the war. This is very touching and you wonder about the soldier who wrote it. Due to the limitations of the technology at the time, communication with WW1 tanks was large via pigeon. Unfortunately, the crews often spoiled the pigeons, and at least one officer couldn’t get his pigeon to leave because it had become addicted to biscuits soaked in whiskey. My grandfather’s posting was to ride his horse to all the British posts to deliver messages. That was the only way to do it. He lied about his age and started this at the age of 16. Good job pigeon. That could have won Germany the war! Little did they know our feathery friend was on the side of the Allies! Battle of Bischweier over Colmar-Ingersheim Opponent follows 9.Half a platoon was incapacitated in the fencing forest. It’s well I suppose to remember the guys on the other side who fell in the war.

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Like most soldiers, they had little say of going to German Shepherd Is My Therapy shirt war, and from what I’ve read they were given compulsory doses of amphetamines to make them fight without sleep for days. So, I’ll stick my neck out and bid them R I P. Back then sending fast messages via animals was crucial. Bit people still use pigeons today.

They separate them from their mate and abandon them far away to male them desperately search the way back home. If the partner doesn’t find a home, the one waiting will most possibly also die from grief. It has no social value, but still today it’s considered a sport.. hope it’s banned soon.


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