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Teddy Wood I had not heard of German Shepherd one nation under God shirt them, so check out their music. It’s different and unique. It seems they have made the best of their circumstances, albeit they are young and far from home. I hope I have the chance to hear them live sometime, especially if it is an outdoor concert.  From across the pond, where we look to you for the correct use of all things related to our shared language; WT everloving F is a “to-week tour?” Isn’t that what we’ve all always wanted? ? They should enjoy it. Clean the cannonballs, dust the muskets, and watch out for the marauding Vandals of Europe.

German Shepherd one nation under God shirt t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

German Shepherd one nation hoodie
German Shepherd one nation ladies-tee
tank top
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Trina Lawrie, We have Big Kid Circus stranded here in Morecambe. The town is German Shepherd one nation under God shirt looking after them as they cannot earn, and as most are not EU citizens they don’t qualify for support. Graham M Edwards, I’m pretty sure I remember an old WW2 movie about an orchestra stuck in an occupied German castle that was hiding an allied soldier masquerading as musicians. Iván Camilo Viveros I came to Germany to study a master’s in science and got stranded in a student dorm. Colombia plans to open its borders until August, the sensation is horrible. Amarbir Singh Ahluwalia It is difficult for them to stay there for a long time. I hope everything will be normal soon. Harri Harrison has Been up two hours, and you’ve still not corrected your spelling mistakes yesterday, wtf do the BBC do with our license fees. sure you got the proper ‘two’ in that headline? Or really anything about that headline that makes sense in English. Are you using pidgin BBC again


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