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Now we know the Girl Gays n’ Theys Pride month shirt inspiration behind Boris Johnson’s hairstyle. by the way, it is great news that such an endangered species has been spotted in the UK. And hope adequate measures would be taken so that the bird(s) is not driven away out of its natural habitat by over-enthusiastic bird watchers. Nice to see a vulture in Britain that isn’t part of the conservative party. With human overpopulation and the eating of everything edible, the extinction of other species has grown exponentially.  Wonderful, but is this another indication that the climate is much warmer? Haven’t these been nearly wiped out in their natural habitat by humans?

Is not my intention to make fun of anyone, but his orange face reminds me of someone, someone very known in the media. Can’t remember the name, can anyone help me with that.
Oh beautiful bird, let not your confusion take you to Australia. Stray birds are put down in that parts of the world

Girl Gays n’ Theys Pride month shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Girl Gays n' Theys Pride month hoodie
Girl Gays n' Theys Pride month  ladies-tee
Girl Gays n' Theys Pride month  tank top
tank top
Girl Gays n' Theys Pride month  v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

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