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How many companies will do that? Unions give workers a voice, influence, a chance to have a say in how their company is run — how they are treated. Jamie Ezell Unions served their purpose years ago. They’re a thing of the past. Hurting businesses and driving up costs is what they do these days. Stephanie Andrada Moore Even if you get a God to bless unions UAW America needs me shirt union it doesn’t mean that anything has to be changed. You’ll pay for that union dearly and nothing may ever change. I hope the worker’s lives changed for the better but the union doesn’t ensure that. Tyler Morgen Burns-Briscoe Hmmm… with the exposure you have given to those who are for and against the union, it is clear which side the BBC is supporting. hello, unbiased reporting! Angela AB Brown Let me get this straight.

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they are fighting for a union in the “right to work state” of Mississippi……. good luck with that one! I wish all can have a union like mine, but Mississippi.?Justin Earl Come on BBC News… do some research before posting a misleading title. If enough people don’t want a card check, then not enough people want a God to bless unions UAW America needs me shirt union. BTW.. the reason the plant is in Mississippi is that it’s a Right to Work state. It’s why Mercedes, BMW, Kia, Hyundai, Honda, etc. all have plants in the South. Bring in the high costs and inefficiencies of the UAW, and you’ll eventually see these plants either 100% automated relocated to Sub-Saharan Africa.


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