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Raffy de Lucman She’s a wonderful soul. As a fellow blind person, this gives me a thrill and hope a further inclusion!! Denny Houck Brave, talented, and beautiful young lady with an incredible attitude!! If she continues to stay focused and motivated I do not doubt that she’s headed towards a Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Shirt bright future!! Evelin Strauss Montoya Calderon Yes she is blind. Before I had eye surgery I had Myopia. Oh it was like I was blind yes I could see some but it was so difficult to do some things. and it is even worse when people say. You are blind and laugh well that is not funny. So yes I agree with her statement she is blind even if she can see a little bit.

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

v-neck t-shirt

Best Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Shirt

Katya Varner Did anyone else notice that her pupils seem to be located at the bottom of her iris, and are possibly rectangular in shape? Can anyone help me by explaining this? I’ve never seen such a difference in pupils before! Chandra N. Sons This is so cool to see especially since I have just spent the last month as theGolden State Warriors Stephen Curry Shirt¬† Nurse for the Summer Orientation Program for the Montana Association for the Blind!! I went in not knowing what I was getting myself into and I left today a changed Nurse for life!! I learned so much in the last 30days!! Lisa Wisinski I had cataract surgery in 2013 in both eyes at the age of 34. I couldn’t see certain things due to light. I know how difficult things can get when so much is dependent on sight. After my surgery, I have difficulty with my peripheral vision as well as seeing shiny things.


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