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However, I think the Great women of Science shirt vaccine should go to the vulnerable younger. The workforce and all keyworkers first. But I would never be high and mighty enough to decide who should be overlooked or declined. So many nasty remarks on here!  He has a right to not die from a horrible respiratory virus as much as anyone else does and has most likely been self-isolating since March …whereas someone like me got to enjoy popping out and socially distance with my friends and loved ones when restrictions eased up. I hope he doesn’t see these horrendous comments … could you imagine someone straight-up saying to you that you’re disposable because of your age or any other factors that in their mind makes YOU less worthy of life? The vaccinations are coming, show a bit of humanity.

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Sometimes l am ashamed to Great women of Science shirt be British when l heard some of these remarks, everyone has a right to this vaccine and as it’s clinically ill and elderly who are getting ill from this and having to be hospitalized, yes they should be vaccinated first. We wouldn’t be here on this Earth if it wasn’t for the likes of this veteran. Please be respectful.
If you are too young, or ignorant to know what his generation did for us, make it a priority to go and acquire some education. He has the highest priority among all categories, cut the BS with he’s old he had his life! It would cost way more to have him intubated for months because he contracted the disease than to administer him a vaccine. And that is exactly why y’all aren’t in charge of ethics, because you simply have none.


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