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Jen Hoin Covid-19 is not racist… Anyone can get it. You ppl are stupid. Want your stimulus check? Call the IRS. Want to buy Garden supplies? Buy them Online. What happened to your Food Stamps? Call your worker. Angel Warner · She did an excellent job explaining how important this is. She is doing all she can now it’s our turn to do what we can and stay homeSamantha Kohlhorst · And there are the other essential people working right now that rely on being able to Gretchen Whitmer That Woman From Michigan shirt  get their meals on the way to and from the job: healthcare workers, grocery store employees, police officers. Tell GM to stop holding insurance over the employee’s heads making them come in for a week to keep insurance risking their health because they want to make money. Absolute bull crap!

Gretchen Whitmer That Woman From Michigan shirt , hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

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Pamela Miller Mullins · Holly Stone Cochran doesn’t have a clue what she is doing doesn’t even know how to fill out paperwork and blames others she sucksAngela Vultaggio Alongi · 0:40 We are in a crisis. People are dying. When you get elected as governor you can make the decisions. Right now name-calling and disrespect don’t help anything. Edna Ostroski · 0:45 Thank you for all you are doing to keep us safe ❤️Rosean Delph · 0:55 Michelle Miller all pastors are not children of God like they portray themselves to Gretchen Whitmer That Woman From Michigan shirt be.girl bye. I will never nobody makes think God is not in control. Ask it will be given to you God said so gone somewhere with that negativity. I got faith and that’s that. What will I inbox you?? For what?? Smh.


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