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Imagine living across the Grinch And Max let it snow shirt street seeing that when you open the blinds . It is so sneaky, just when people start to relax it can come back with vengeance. The best advice is to follow what the doctors say, wear a mask, disinfect your hands continually, and keep your distance. I hope you stay safe Pauline and get to enjoy Xmas with your family as we did. With schools, universities, colleges, pubs, shops, etc shut and no household mingling, the numbers should theoretically plummet but then those darn dodgy tests ..I wish you could give us other storylines other than Corona every other time. Just wondering what Bill Gates, Fauci & WHO offered you! Well, I just got my negative result back from my Covid test so I am feeling Blessed and looking forward to Christmas with just my 2 teens, 2dogs, and 3 cats. Nice and quiet. I hope no matter what you all do, it’s a Blessed one too. The same things we’ve been told all along, to maintain social distance and wear proper face masks. Do not celebrate Christmas. Period. “God” will kill you anyway, so don’t worry about missing that out this year.

Grinch And Max let it snow shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

Grinch And Max let it snow hoodie
Grinch And Max let it snow ladies-tee
Grinch And Max let it snow sweater
Grinch And Max let it snow v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

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Treat it like the Grinch And Max let it snow shirt flu-type virus that it is. We all know what to do, we have the experience to make our own decisions. I certainly won’t be listening to this Government and their ‘scientific advisors’, they’ve shown how inept they are several times already. Stay home on your own with your own people and don’t go out.

If everyone except essential personnel did that we wouldn’t be having this trouble in the first place. At the moment having a Xmas party in the middle of the channel tunnel would seem the best place as nobody is passing through there any time soon. I wish it was just lockdown completely now. Christmas is just going to cause more deaths in January. Lockdown completely now so that we can get through this and come out the other side quicker.


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