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Sounds like jealousy to Grinch middle finger fuck them kidz shirt me spread little love things are bad enough we all need a little brightness congratulations and good luck to them both. Wow, that’s amazing and it probably saved a fortune! But they’ve got the outcome, and are now married and I wish them all the Health and happiness for their future. People too obsessed with “civil liberties”. You’ve ignored the warnings. All I can now say is that you as a country deserve what’s coming. January is going to be catastrophic. So technically they beat the deadline, but they still put people’s lives at risk by getting them together when there is a new virulent strain of Covid19 in their area. Maybe it might have been better to postpone it. Always nice to hear some good news at the moment. My daughter had to have a much scaled-down wedding in July, simply because they just wanted to be married. Congratulations to the happy couple, I don’t blame them rushing their wedding in while they could, I and my partner were supposed to be married in.

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April the Grinch middle finger fuck them kidz shirt month before I was induced with our baby boy but had to reschedule twice now due to covid restrictions, we’ve now got the date set for June next year So many mean comments here, but please, if this bothers you, remember these folks didn’t get married for you, they are now man and wife, they are happy together and that’s all that matters. They hardly planned it in 2 hours as were due to marry today.

All they did was bring in forward a few hours everything else would have been organized. Weddings could have gone ahead for much of 2020. Nothing wrong with getting the marriage certificate with the minimum of fuss and guests. Blessing and party can happen later if wanted. To my mind, the idea is quite romantic, rather like World War II weddings. IF I ever found love again I’d want a really unfussy wedding anyway.


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