Just shows how the HAKUNAMAFUCKIT Shirt news can be twisted and taken personally. China is facing a big shortage of food to feed the billions and will need more trade from other countries. It will be more than our weight we’ll be watching but our dwindling shopping lists. For some context, the Chinese government is trying to cut down food waste in anticipation of food shortages. This restaurant was probably pressured to at least put in the effort. I think it is a fun and good idea! So people don’t food gorging and waste food! It’s genius and nothing to apologize for, it would help me because I probably eat too much and the wrong food. Food waste is a huge problem here in China. More food gets photographed than eaten and to be honest, it isn’t rude here to talk about people’s size and weight.

HAKUNAMAFUCKIT Shirt Hoodie, v-neck-tee-shirt, ladies-tee and tank-top

HAKUNAMAFUCKIT  V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt

What’s wrong with that. Here in HAKUNAMAFUCKIT Shirt China people order far too much food in Restaurants. Even they eat a lot more than us Westerners here. Should do this at airports and then decide your luggage amount based on how obese you aren’t. If I’m going out to eat then I’m stuffing my face and eating exactly what I want to. I’m paying after all. it doesn’t make sense anyway as your weight doesn’t indicate how much u eat, how hungry u are, how filling a meal is etc but reducing waste is a good goal to have. Does it mean that the heavier you are, the more you’re encouraged to eat, or the opposite? Because the opposite would make more sense. Why didn’t they just ask how hearty your appetite was? Weight has nothing to do with how much you want to eat…


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