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My first concert was at Hall & Oates! One of my favorite memories, besides asking my parents “what that smell” was in the cheap seats in the Spectrum! My #1 song of all time. I’ve seen you guys at least three or four times. I always play your classics on Hall Oates 2020 my 80’s night Hall & Oates. Had tickets to see them when they first started as a birthday treat but they managed to double book so the local show was canceled at the last minute. Ruined my birthday and many other folks night and never kept the promise to reschedule. Booooys…

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I have seen this video thousand of times and I just realized that I didn’t give it a Like yet…please, forgive me I love this song so much. This song is just an alternate take on Meatloaf’s, I will do anything for love( but I won’t do that). I am here for this ♡Love Hall & Oates. When my daughter was 5 she won tickets to Hall Oates 2020 their show at DAR Constitution Hall I would have to say wait for me is my absolute favorite song. I am still bitter that in 2006 I couldn’t see your Philly show for being underage. More bitter as I get older. Please come to Alaska and play ?Love those boys. Also, I really enjoy watching Darryl’s Place. Glad to see they’re still pleasing crowds. It wasn’t until recently that I realized The XX is sampling this song in “On Hold”.


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